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You probably didn\'t notice, but when the clock struck midnight on December 31, 2013, a number of popular tax benefits, commonly included in the list of provisions referred to as \"tax...
After more than five years of unprecedented support for the economy, the Federal Reserve Board has begun to reduce its purchases of bonds.
Yes. Thanks to the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA), the rules for making 401(k) in-plan Roth conversions have gotten substantially easier.
Yes--starting in 2015. The Internal Revenue Code says that if you receive a distribution from an IRA, you can\'t make a tax-free (60-day) rollover into another
As a participant in your work-sponsored retirement savings plan, you\'ve made a very important commitment to yourself and your family: to prepare for your future. Congratulations! Making that commitment is an important first step in your pursuit of a successful retirement.

Maximizing the benefits of investing

Saunders Financial does two things:

  1. We are a provider of benefits management to businesses
  2. Investment solutions to individuals


Saunders Financial enhances the lives of clients by helping them reach a secure financial future. Our purpose is to provide investment and benefit management services to businesses and individual clients. We enable our business clients to attract and retain quality employees by offering the very best benefits available, and we help ensure our individual clients reach their financial goals by designing investment solutions based on their unique needs.