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Today, many students turn to private lenders to help cover the cost of college. Unfortunately, private student loans don\'t carry many of the same protection...
Getting organized for your year-end investment review with your financial professional may help make the review process more efficient. Here are some suggestions for making your meeting as productive as possible.
\"I don\'t invest because I don\'t know much about it.\"It\'s time to learn, because a basic understanding of investing concepts can help you make more informed financial decisions.

Maximizing the benefits of investing

Saunders Financial does two things:

  1. We are a provider of benefits management to businesses
  2. Investment solutions to individuals


Saunders Financial enhances the lives of clients by helping them reach a secure financial future. Our purpose is to provide investment and benefit management services to businesses and individual clients. We enable our business clients to attract and retain quality employees by offering the very best benefits available, and we help ensure our individual clients reach their financial goals by designing investment solutions based on their unique needs.